Welcome to Lakeview

As a Lakeview Family, we form partnerships with students, families, and our community with an emphasis on instilling positive behaviors and attitudes as part of a strong foundation for  education. Given our collaborative focus on deliberate excellence we:

Nurture students' natural curiosity and excitement for learning;

Ensure that students develop a firm foundation of basic skills and knowledge;

Teach students to be effective information gatherers, problem solvers, decision makers, and communicators;

Promote, by example and instruction, our district-focused character traits of respect, kindness, responsibility, honesty, and 

Provide a safe, supportive, and creative environment for students and staff

Lakeview is a VERY special place!
Join us and see!

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rterranova@sdsm.k12.wi.us Phone: 414-766-5252
Fax: 414-766-5253

Chris Sepersky, Principal
Roxanne Terranova
Principal's Secretary
Cortney Larson
Faculty Secretary




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