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Positive Behavior Supports

Lakeview is a PBIS School

PBIS means "Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports" and it is a method for:
• Holding common expectations for students
• Incentivizing positive behaviors
• Identifying common responses to unexpected behaviors
• Using data to monitor and respond to students
• Identifying which students may need more support than others
• Creating a culture of care and belonging

PBIS Brochure Download

The 3 Lakeview expectations are Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Engaged!
Everything we should do at Lakeview fits into one of those 3 expectations.

Our PBIS chart (matrix) for the school is seen below:

Lakeview Lions Positive Behavior Expectations

  Schoolwide  Hallways Voice Level 0  Lunch Voice Level 2  Playground Voice Level 3  Indoor Recess Voice Level 2  Bathroom Voice Level 0 Office Voice Level 0, 2 
Be Safe 
  • Body to self
  • Follow Directions
  • Wait your turn 
  • Stay calm & mindful 
  • Hands to self
  • Walking feet
  • Eyes forward 
  • Single file in line order 
  • Eat your own food
  • Stay in your spot 
  • Keep hands and body to self
  • Stay in assigned areas 
  • Dress for the weather and play area 
  • Walking feet
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self
  • Use materials appropiately/safely
  • Have a pass
  • Wash hands
    • 2 pumps of soap
    • 2 paper towels
  • Stay in student area 
Be Respectful 
  • Use kind words to all
  • Be patient 
  • Use correct voice level
  • Listen to others
  • Clean up
  • Take care of property 
  • Take pride in our building
  • Touch only what belongs to you 
  • Close your locker 
  • Table manners 
    • Use utensils
    • Keep food and drinks on tray/table
    • use a napkin
    • food is for EATING
  • Clean up after self 
  • Use equipment for intended purposes 
  • Use kind language 
  • Include others 
  • Clean up
  • Use kind language
  • Include others
  • Privacy
  • Clean up after self
    • Toilet paper in toilet
    • Flush
    • Towel in trash 
  • Office Manners
    • Wait your turn 
    • Stand by counter
    • Be patient
    • Use kind language and manners 
Be Engaged 
  • Ask questions
  • Make connections
  • Share ideas
  • Teach others 
  • Do your work
  • Struggle productively 
  • Be original 
  • Gain permission and have pass to leave room 
  • Walk quickly to destination 
  • Greet others while passing
  • Start eating right away
  • Follow the routine for arrival and dismissal 
  • Include others 
  • Play a safe game 
  • Line up at the whistle 
  • Try to solve problems, know when you need help from an adult
  • Choose an appropriate activity 
  • Walk to restroom 
  • Go to bathroom
  • Wash hands
  • Go back to class 
  • Greet others 
  • Share your need
  • Say "thank you"