Attendance Info

Be Where it Counts!

Here at Lakeview, we are partners with parents and families.  In order for that partnership to work, we need students in school all day, every day.  We say "Be where it counts" because attendance is counted and research tells us that students that consistently attend school learn and grow more than students that are not in school enough.

How to "Be Where it Counts"
• Know the school calendar - keep it posted for everyone to see in your home
• Establish bedtime routines (pick out clothes before bed, pack backpack in the evening, set alarm clocks)
• Establish morning routines (get up on time, get dressed, leave enough time for travel - especially when the weather is bad)
• Arrive to your entry door before 8:25 a.m. every day (we have playground supervision starting at 8:15 every day)
• If your child is seeing a medical provider (doctor, dentist, etc.) always be sure to get an excuse note from the provider and bring it to the office at Lakeview.
• Schedule family vacations when school is NOT in session
• Schedule appointments for days when school is NOT in session as much as possible
• Be sure you have family or neighbors that can help you out when you have an emergency so the children can still come to school

Attending School is the Law!
Under state law, parents/guardians may excuse their child 10 times in a school year.  That includes illnesses in which your child did not see a medical provider as well as vacation days.  Our school board policy explains how we follow up with families that exceed the 10 allowable days.  

Missing 10 days/year means missing about 1 day/month.  If your child is missing more than 1 day of school per month (on average), it is too much.